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(Reviews 185) Swarth,aural Holograms,Valefor

"Þy Tayl is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge" Cassette 2012
Review by James Early

This most new and exiting band has chosen to remain in the shadows, no personal identities exist but the bands name is hot hell in the underground music scene.  This is the 2nd of their 3 releases on tape.orthodox black metal guitar and deep powerful growling vocals blend to a awesome record well in the spirit of filth , pestilence and evil.   the music has a strong feeling of medieval plague and the glory of death and despair .This demo is limited to 100 copy's , done in the most amazing packaging of paint dashed, ritually consecrated slipcase with human blood, graveyard soil and charred bone shards with hand numbered psalter.All three of swarth's demo tapes have sold out pretty quick but if you keep your eyes open they should be for sale in small underground distro's for fair prices. You can only think that these original three demo tapes will be high priced collector pieces in a few years! Demo is 4 untitled tracks , playing time about 19 min's. One very interesting thing my ritualistic ears picked up on was the sombre start of track one.  kind of made me think I was in a church in the 1800's and some dark mass was being preformed , it is a very short intro but is filled with energy and brings to mind the worship of death.  Many black metal bands do this sort of thing these days, trying to show roots to the past glory days of mayhem/burzum, few bands pull it off well, swarth give it spirit and energy.I hope swarth develop this ritualistic sound and become one of the great black metal artists who can pull off different sounds to their releases.  this would sure raze the bar in the sinister world of underground music.As I follower of black metal over many years , I am sure swarth has the tools to be come the next big band, till that time we must all  sit and guess who these mystery men or women are,  all I can think of after hearing their music is that this is not the first gig for these death worshipers, we may already know the names of swarth? 

Title Tracks

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled

vol, 1 Cd digipack 2007

Review by James Early

Aural hypnox is a small label from oulu, from the north of finland. almost all collectives published by a label from oulu.Aural Holograms project by anti haapapuro, owner of a label and Jussi saivo.Jussi saivo has a studio in the wood, near pori town.  This is a ritual sound which enables one to gain insights to the heart, spirits and elementals may remain in darkness, but not that we would not feel them! aural holograms came to "real" life in 2006. a haapapuro and saivo are regularly assisted by specialists from different fields of study & research. the line up in live situations usually includes two or four persons and by utilising primitive practices & sound sources crafted according to the methods that were handed down generations ago. This album has a very smooth sound to it, nothing hateful or grim, a pure mystic atmosphere that will bring to mind, dark , deep, ritual chambers or morning mist flowing from a ancient lake at dawn. the sounds may also make your life force feel like it is flying through the cosmos on a tour of the unknown.  track three is for me the master piece!  the hole feel is slightly faster than the two offerings before it. The feel of astral travel is at a much higher pace, sounds take on a moaning sound as if they are real live beings. A gong noise sounds and the vibe pushes on in a darker tunnel on the way to thee black abyss.  no human vocals are used on this album but the music may say many words of its own, this is very rear for a project on their first cd and should say much about the class of the music. towards the end of the cd the sounds take on a droid scanning sound, then you are stuck thinking where you are, how far have you gone, did you find life or did life find you?  Only great power knows for sure!   you are left feeling these guys have spent much time crafting the skills of ritual music and I only hope we have a new offering in are distro's very soon! 

Title Tracks
1.Before The Great Stone
2.The Day Of Opening The Tomb
3.Beyond The Black Deep 

"Invocation of Forneus" cd 1998

Review by James Early

The are two or three bands called valefor, this is a ritualistic, dark ambient, death industrial, noise project by Michael w ford. The band was one of the first non-Scandinavian acts to be released via Sweden's cold meat industry.This album has the awesome vocals of shanna le jeune who has done much work with mr fords bands in years past. Shanna also released her own cd under the name "nythra" called "my anodyne".So a little info about Michael ford for those who don't know, Michael has been practicing luciferian/Satanist for over 17 years. he is the author of 13 books , the most well known are, luciferian witchcraft, liber hvhi, akhkharu-vampire magick and book of the witch moon. Michael has his own left hand parth shop called "luciferian apotheca" and Michael is a magus and high priest of "the order of phosphorus" & " black order of the dragon". Michael's most known music band is "black funeral" but the are othergreat ones such as "ordo tyrannis" "psychonaut 75" who have just done a split cd with the great "emme ya". All great ritual music has the vibes of the masters in it and "Austin Osman spare & a,crowley are very much a part of this magickal trip. track one is thumping evil vocals with a strong ritual sound, very full on and gives a awesome dreaded felling. the hole cd has been mixed to a very high standard, all sounds blend together to bring the cd to life!then we have track two and I find this outstanding! enchanting vocals with a wicked beat, you can feel  magick flow from it! then we move to a harder sound, you think you are being sucked through a vortex to the depths of hell! (nice!)As we get to mid cd we slow down to enjoy some moaning vocals but with a lighter feel to it. toward the end of this great work I feel bleakness and get many atmospheric thoughts. the demons have awoken and travel freely through the mind. mr ford often talks about a "sigil of sound" and this is one of the early works! 

Tracks list

2.Progression Of Aiwass
3.Invokation Ov Forneus
6.Caverns Of The Mind
7.Order Ov Domination
8.Pyramid Ov Sleep