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"Sukellan tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" Digipack 2014
Force Majeure the parent label from Nuit Et Brouillard from France ,send us one of the most psychotic structures in the fileds of noise power electronics. DECONDITION is a transgressive machine generating suggestive deconstructive sounds ,field recordings and processed elements to create weird and strong album through 13 bizarre structures colliding into rythmic patterns dressed with real industrial sounds and repetitive hypnotic sounds. samples,effects,tape voices are other elements which you can find here when exploring the parallel bizarre worlds created by DECONDITION. A finnish project which I am sure within time will be one of the most aclaimed projects worldwide due its nature dealing with the death and the ressurection of the ego from a unique and bizarre perspective. title "Sukellan tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" trnaslated in english means "I dive into unknown Depths" and i totally agree with title and how the tracks crawls through th whole album from start to finish. The album comes in a 6 panel digipack and strictly limited to 497 copies.

Title Tracks:

1.Hulluus Vuotaa Mieleni Seinämistä

2.Epätoivon Riivaamat Ajatukset

3.Dark Clouds Over My Innerlandscape

4.Matkaan Kohti Muistojeni Loppua

5.Särkynyt Kokonaisuus

6.None Of This Is Real

7.Self Illusions/Delusions

8.Diseased Within

9.Wheel Of Change/Passage Of Time

10.Oudot Tuntemukset Virtaavat Kehollani

11.River Of My Emotions Unfolding

12.Aistiharhojen Luoma Todellisuus (Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin)

13.Deep Sleep In My Dreams

"Nemini Parco" Cassette 2013
By James Early

A tape album limited edition of 100, handcrafted ,numbered box includes booklet. Evocations inspired by the ruler of the restless dead, which arcane sounds can turn the key to the marked upon the black tombstone.The time and work that has gone in to the packaging is amazing and makes this a standout piece for any collector. this stands out before its first play. As soon as the music starts you know this is a real occult working and not just fancy packing done to sell cheap sounds. Track one takes you deep and dark into a ritual chamber. soft bells ring with a low rumbling  sound. This sound could be a voice or the ritual playing tricks with your mind. the sounds are some of the most pure  ritual/occult that you have ever heard and has its own life and energy. This tape is a full album playing both sides and the music is of a  real high standard. This is not a ruff demo tape you get first with many bands.Thee second track has a far softer and more magickal feel about it. you see smoke flowing around the circle,energy rising. The way the musical  sounds blend together is masterful. The music then moves to a more grim and black movement , faint hymns or disembodied voices creep  through many layers  of sounds, this piece is a beautiful occult realm. The b side has more tracks than the a side but a little shorter. Side b's first track is best called haunting, many different noises fly out at you. The first time i played it i picked out foot steps ,wind howling ,chimes ringing and a large gong or bell banging out (maybe for the dead) the next piece has a more dim and ancient funeral rite feel about it. Mystery sounds or disembodied voices flow through the room. death and the underworld has to be the thinking behind this track. Moving on to the next track and pure ritual sounds come forth, sounds like a rattle snake come jumping out from a sad filled background music. The is slow ancient chanting that takes the music into a steady flow. our dark mass is brought to a close with the same high standard as we started with. crisp sounds all mixing together to bring out a great funeral feeling.The album ends with sad and old style chanting (rest in peace) all the tracks on this tape have been crafted together and show a true understanding of ritual/occult music.

Title Tracks:

1.death tantra 

2.king of bones

3.source of the black poison

4.mors venit velociter

5.quae meminem veretur

6.throne of death

7.into the nothingness of sunya

8.the mourning process.

DRUHA SMRT (Czech Republic)
"Recurrence" Ep 2014

I am more than proud to present here the new material released from one of the best projects coming from Sombre Soniks. Jindrich Spilka the mastermind behind DRUHA SMRT emerges with an impressive Ep in which is the second chapter in a series of three ones focusing in the "immanetizing thee Eschaton".and the result is impressive. including three tracks with a duration of time of 11 minutes each for a total running of 33 minutes, in which you can submerged in the  most deep ritual dark ambient developed under the enigmatic mysticsism which surrounds the whole material from DRUHA SMRT. the album starts with "Egocideal Transcurrence",a sublimanl exploration of diverse dismal soundscapes bathed by an incredible exposition of elelemnts which enrich the whole track,due the vaporus ellemnts gathered here. "Home (O) Path Bardo" the astral gates are explored through another excelent track. This time some guitar effect sounds are gathered togehter drone sounds ,atmospheres and whispers to create a deep trance state where the listener can expore the most hidden elements of his/her Psyche. Closing the ep is "Dødroneal Ekstasis" keeps its own esence based on deep drones and a dismal atmosphere which transport you to such desolated places at parallel worlds,one of the best tracks here full of power and deep sounds from start to finish! Definitey I reccomend you "Trascurrence", is more than just music! is the trascendense of self,the preparation to the next step,the one of Eschaton.

Title tracks:

1.Egocideal Transcurrence 

2.Home (O) Path Bardo 

3.Dødroneal Ekstasis

"Permutations I" Album 2014
Again Sombre soniks comes with an incredible release as mostly of the stuff released until now.This time a cooperation between two excellent projects such as the finnish FECAL FETAL and wellknown Brittish project HOYLAND,both of them joined forces this time for the production of "Permutations I" which tracends the limits of reality through sounds and poetry higly inspired by Brion Gysin and his permutation poems. The result is brillanty and very professional arranged. HOYLAND has included such incredible ethereal ghastly synths creating dark pasages full of melancholy and nostalgic memories ,which reminds me to Norwegian project Burzum in some of the dark ambient execution, and FECAL FETAL with the always bizarre manifestations and psychotic voices through the whole structure of the album. "Permutations" consist of 4 compositions which you will find so penetrating due the way as each one of them has been created. sorrowful and abandonemnet is a sensation that not so much projects can awake in listeners, and both projects have created this strongly through each one of the 4 compositions performed here. The highlights on the album is without a doubt the way as neoclassical ethereal music and experimental layers are joined togehter creating one of the best releases coming from Sombre Soniks. I just hope to have the pleasure again to be delighted with the greatness of "permutations" in future so a second one,which surely will be as marvelous and deep as this one!!

Title Tracks :
1.Legend of the Ice Torturer 

2.The Tunnel of a Thousand Voices 

3.Winter Death 

4.Joyous Festival for the World's End

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ARKANE -mesmeric Masquerade Seduction- review & interview

"Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction" Dicipack 2013

After a long silence,arrived to my hands the second album of this project from grecce,created and explored by the mysterious Arkanum X. This album is really impressive,due the sensitive and dark classical elements bathing the whole structure of the album composed by 7 compositions,all of them with such an enigmatic sound and deep orchestrations from start to finish. one of the most interesting elements here is how each one of the tracks are connected each other. The sublime voices from Arkanum X seems to transport you to a desolated realm full of many paths which you must divorer through each seductive masquerades emerging once you carve in each one of the paths represented in each one of the 7 compositions. also the inclusion of Drg : orchestrations,audio concepts and Stephen Svanholm : recitations,gives to the album a very interesting touch. sometimes this album reminds me to first era of Swedish Arcana with "Dark Age Of Reason" and "Cantar De Procella" or the italian project Ataraxia! a higly recommended  album due the professionalism and structure handled through the whole album. Listen this album,close your eyes and be submerged and seducted by the mesmerized masquerade of ARKANE...

Tracks list

1. Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction
2. Mesmersed Seductrise
3. Mesmerising Masquerade
4. Masqueara Mesmerised
5. Mesmerism Seductiva
6. Mascarada Sedition
7. La Masquerada Mystique

ARKANE interview
By James Early

ArkanvmX ,thank you for your time giving this interview for are readers.
Please tell us the background to the arkane music and why the name change after the first album?
Thank You Very Much For The Interview Panorama web.... This Is The ARKANE Biographia for The Readers who might not be familiar with my project ARKANE 
MASTERMIND:ARKANVMX-MESMERISING SEDUCTIVE ART-,Propaganda,Aesthetics,Concept-Additional Mesmerism Drg- Orchestration,Audio Concept- Stephen Svanholm –Recitations- -Photographer Markus Richter- Model Emma J-

-Formed -2000 Under The Monicker xARKANEx-
-Released -ARCANE ELITISM Album In 2002 On FOSSIL DUNGEON Records Under xARKANEx Name. Changed Monicker from xARKANEx To ARKANE In 2004-
Under ARKANE Name (Debut ARKANE Album)

ARKANE FB PAGE Enriched with Artistic Mesmerising Seductive Photographs From Prominent Photographers -Utterly Depicting The Visual Aesthetics Concept Behind ARKANE Art - FB page

-ARKANE Musik On YOUTUBE Channel-
 orders/info write to : 


I Changed The Name To Simply ARKANE Because I Followed Different Paths After The debut xARKANEx which went into more Strictly neoklassikal Directions With Extensive Emphasis given On The Operatic Female Sample voices I Use throughout  The Whole Two Following ARKANE Albums 


How hard did you find it starting out in the music business, and how long did it take before your first work was signed with the fossil dungeon?

I Started My musical Career In The Black metal zonra With The band FIENDISH NYMPH , Then We Created DAEMONIA NYMPHE (A quite Famous Project Which Deals With Ancient Hellenic Musik )After My Departure From Them I Created xARKANEx  and Immediately signed to FOSSIL DUNGEON , therefore My Beggining  Was Not That Difficult I must Admit....The Real Hard Times Are Now  though , Been So Since 2009 - the music industry Is DEAD  in the last 5 years… The end of MySpace  has utterly affected Arkane… On the other hand Arkane is art therefore I do not appeal to the masses – but if you ask me to compare the 2008 Arkane release “enraptured serene mesmerism” to the 2013 release “mesmeric masquerade seduction”, the differences are enormous! Very few people actually order and buy physical CDs nowadays…… Nevertheless, 2014 is the YouTube music era… The End Of Physical Cds Is Coming up.... On The Other Hand FACEBOOK Is A Gossip Circus Totally useless For ART , At Least It Works Out this Way For ARKANE .. But Its The Only mean left   To Promote ARKANE Musik  so it is better than nothing really....

Does arkane play live and are the any gigs due in the future?

ARKANE Has Never And Will Never Perform Live Due to Various reasons , One being , Lack Of Members To Support Me On This ..Among Many Other Personal Ones ..This Is bad In The Way That You Cannot Get My Art Exposed To more People But Also Good That ARKANE Remains A Total Anonymous Mysterious Underground Project - A Total Cult - 

What music inspired you growing up as a teenager?

I Started Listening To Musik When I was 13 Years Old .. I Begun With IRON MAIDEN , JUDAS PRIEST , BLACK SABBATH and the so called Heavy metal Revolution  Back Then In The End Of The 1980s ..That Lasted For a couple Of Years Since I discovered The New big thing Called THRASH METAL And Became Mental With METALLICA , EXODUS , SLAYER , KREATOR , until I Moved In The Early 90s Into more Extreme Paths Of The Growing At the Time DEATH METAL Scene With bands Like DEATH,MORBID ANGEL, POSSESSED,DEICIDE,CELTIC FROST Among Many Many Others ...I had The Luck To Live In London At The Time (1990-1991) And I attended Every Single DEATH METAL Gig  happening Back Then In Historical Venues Such As THE MARQUEE , ASTORIA, etc .
I regards Those two Years as The best Of My Entire Life As I was Deeply dedicated To DEATH METAL Cult musik,.,, In London it was When I Bought The Second DARK THRONE Album A BLAZE IN THE NOTHERN SKY  and A New Horizon alkso Opened Up for Me ..Returning Back To My Country In 1993 I totally dedicated Myself To The BLACK METAL Scene ( The norwegian And The Hellenic Mainly) This Is When I Formed My Own Black Metal Band And Started Correspondence , Trade Of cassettes , With Many Many Blackmetal Bands From All Over The World... Magical Underground Times When There Was No INTERNET And Your Only Information You Got To get From New Bands Was By Buying Printed Fanzines , Magazines (Everything By Post ) ..or via Flyers You Could Get At Specialised Record Shops And Offcource through My Letter Pen Pal Correspondence ..    So Magical Unforgetable Times ..  I Remember Having A Mexican Guy Who lived In CHICAGO Who Had Sent Me Over 50 VHS Video Tapes Of Every BLACK METAL Live Show Happening In Europe , USA or Even Latin America.... The band That Inspired Me A Lot Though Was The Mighty CELTIC FROST, When They Released INTO THE PANDEMONIUM Album ....that Album Together With DEAD CAN DANCEs Within The Realm of A dying Sun Totally CHANGED MY LIFE !!!! 

5 Albums Have changed my  Life ..

1) Dead Can Dance -Within The Realm of A dying Sun
2) Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium 
3) Limbonic Art- Moon In The Scorpio
4) The Protagonist- A Rebours
5) Arcturus- La Masquerade Infernale

Also I Was Very much Inspired  By  Old TIAMAT Astral Sleep  And   Clouds Era..  And  Stauros ( Old HORRIFIED  Member ) With The Album The Garden Of The Unerathly Delights ..

What music are you enjoying right now, other then your own?

I hate 80 Percent Of Todays Musik ..It Doesnt Ring Any Bell Into my Inner Soul .. Hardly Do I ever Find Any Good bands or Albums Nowdays and When I Do there are Mostly not In the Dark Musik (being it METAL OF NEOKLASSIKAL )I Can Hardly Remember Any New Good Musik I dig In The Last 5 Years Lets Say ,But the Bands I Like To Follow /Listen Todays Are SEPTIC  FLESH , ARCTURUS (If They make Any New Album ) CHAOSTAR , TRIARII ,THE RETROSIC , DAEMONIA NYMPHE , IRFAN , IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES , KARJALLAN SISSIT , ARCANA , DEAD CAN DANCE ,SIVA SIX, BEHEMOTH,,GHOST, LANA DEL RAY And Maybe LADY GAGA Because She Might Be Extremely  POPISH And COMMERCIAL But She Has A Dark Bizzarre Tone on Her music I Like ..I Do NOT Buy Albums Since 5 Years Also But The LAST 4 CDS I Bought surprisingly were  LADY GAGA- The Fame monster KATE PERRY-Teenage Dream (Great Pop Album) , FADERHEAD -Black Friday  And GHOST -Infestissumam.

Is the a plan or path set out for arkane, is the a new album in production?

There Has Been Some Ideas On My Mind ,Trying To Get A Concept For Upcoming ARKANE Tracks ..Nothing Is Certain As I am Quite Confused  On Which Direction I would Take From Now on.. Im Currently Influenced By New SEPTIC FLESH Album "TITAN" Which I Currently listen To Nowdays ...So might Use some Metal Backround On My New ARKANE Musik..? Time Shall Tell...The latest arkane album is out now and is called mesmeric masquerade seduction, and brother edgar kerval has the review here for are readers.  

please tell us the concept with this album and your thoughts and feelings while making it?

“Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” has been influenced by Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” movie ritual scene,This time I have completed my greatest ambition of exposing mesmerizing seductive art to the highest elitist detail… It’s been all I have always visualized, my concept of how Arkane would reach the ultimate evolution of perception transformed into musical and aesthetical art… The whole album “Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” is in itself a self compulsive minimal yet strong and picturesque trip into the oblivion of mesmerism… It’s a concept album from the beginning to the end, both musically and aesthetically, and it refers to the mesmerism of masquerade seduction, ritualistic and alluring…thank you for your time ark and deep hails for your future works!  

Thanks To PANORAMA , You James Eraly And Brother Edgar For This Interview 

would Like To add    : The latest  Arkane album “mesmeric masquerade seduction” is an extravagant masquerade experience that seduces the imagination and elevates the senses… Mesmerism meets seduction – music, performance, artistry and inspiration collide for a decadent album of celebration with avant-garde, mesmerizing seductive art. “mesmeric masquerade seduction” is available now to order for the price  of 10euros (regular mail) or 12 euros (registered mail) directly from Arkane. You can reach me at: “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism”, the debut album by Arkane, is also available for 5 euros. Welcome to the new dark age!


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"From the Old hills Desolate" cd 2010 
(Heresy press)
HAMMEMIT or (emit) is dark ambient, mediaeval, haunting vibrations with the sent of the rituals of sinister history. Malachi Michael's work is often said to be in the style of abruptum and dark ages, this can only be a good thing but as a fan who has collected all the great works, I am happy to say HAMMEMMI (emit) are their own living works and have a full personality of their own! this cdr is a little gem to me! manufactured from order, first edition, short run via , second edition with new art work via create space Eemit started very raw black noise and came to more experimental & ambient-oriented sound which arrived in hammemit neo-medieval ambient guitary/organ music. begun in 1998 as emit (aprox 10 yrs) then 07-08 changing to HAMMEMIT. in 2012 emit made a welcome return with a new tape that is the first live performance.  I read when this cdr came out "anticipating the world to come! imperium"   for followers of this style of music will know how right those words are! The cd starts quite fast and powerful, racking up the dirt from the depths of the grave yard, moaning vocals drone  through what is a pure ritual sound.  the church is alive with the dark gods from the start.  now a slow brooding takes over, crashing is heard while a mystical vibe ebbs in and out, a slow haunting feeling take a hold of us. The sound is smooth and has a brewing cosmic storm feeling flowing through it.  we then switch to a more abnormal sound, mellow and a much slower pace, almost the sounds of alien ships passing through the country side, unknown to humans in the dead of night, a sci fi movie feeling is upon us. this piece goes on to a more evil sound but of the most mysterious type, evil holds no known forms!  track four has a much more upfront straight up sound, a sound over laid with rain beating  down and sets the mood of a barren land scape, sombre and bleak with no chance of any life, this is hammemit at his best.  this cdr plays just over 22 min's but has made it as a big step in the life of hammemit. The final piece of the work is deep and dirty sounds, the dark gods are playing the church organ and bidding the world a fond good bye!  the drone sound waves in and out and brings to life some classic haunting/ritual music and the only bad thing I will say is its far to short!   Some one put a review up on saying this cd was far to quite and that is right, this style of music is best played with the volume up more than normal, the hammemit music is by far a lower sound than the emit music. I find it plays well in a closed room with no outside noise, a dungeon would be best! I am  proud  to say hammemit is a English project and I feel it reflects the mystic , witchcraft and occult land that once flowed over English lands.  For those interested in buying hammemit/emit tapes & cds, most of the great works are still able to be bought from these distro's, (Ireland).

Title Tracks

1.buried by the desert sand of old aeons

2.gates open in the depths of space

3.sunrise of an inverse dawn

4.the old hills desolate

5.distant observer of earth's last night.


This is a 5 way split featuring exclusive tracks from mighty northern creators of atmospheric soundscapes.
Comes in a "a5" oversized cardboard sleeve.  the first track from northaunt is one of the most classic tracks of all time. Barren land has been re done in many different forms. the music is cold and grim & reminds you of long trips over wastelands with no contact with human life. their second offering is really top class ambient sounds, it has a feeling of the cosmos and entering new voids. Predominance is a dark ambient/industrial project, begun in 94, disbanded in 03 and rose to life again in February 2012. their first track has a sombre vibe with whispering vocals.  the sound is very pure and has been produced to a high standard .  the second track from Predominance is dark and cold , you feel you are entering a new world, chimes & outer worldly growls are sounding in the back ground, this is a truly cosmic piece! track five is from Instincts, a project of master of ambient Frederic arbour, also runs cyclic law and behind projects like havan and visions. these two tracks have a awesome feel of royalty , bringing the way through space, wind blowing , out of body vocals. the traveller is reaching his final port of call and all the while the abyss is watching him.   
Kammarheit follow on with their normal high class of atmospheric soundscapes , Kammerheit are one of my all time great bands!  two full albums from them on cyclic law include; asleep and well hidden & the starwheel. Kammarheit are trus masters of the ambient world, their music is quit quite and I find it best to turn the volume right up for full effect.  this music will make you dream the most amazing things at times! the track ruina is a awesome piece.very underground and dark, the are no vocals & the music leaves you feeling you may have taken a wrong turn on your trip into the void. Kammarheit use electronics and they fit really well with the sounds they make. Svartsinn are the final act on this super ambient cd, I read once that the music of svartsinn is for a world in decay! Svartsinn have put out five albums to date and all are a must for dark ambient lovers.  both these tracks are some of the purest soundscapes , they leave you now lost in the void you have chosen to travel trough.  I don't think Svartsinn will let you reach the end, you my forever flow in the bleakest all knowing void! All five bands have given some awesome tracks to make this cd, this is one of the best v.a. comp's I have come across!

Title Tracks

1. barren land
2. a shadow among shadows

3. trans-atlantis
4. dust of lost paradise

5. arise
6. revelation

7. I found it weeping in the field
8. ruina

9. yearning
10. the ashen dream

"The Faceless One" tape 2014

Horns up on this one brothers and sisters, we have a underground gem coming to our dark ears! dark ambient composer, ruairi o'baoighill brings us awesome ritual/ambient/drone soundscapes. RUAIRI is based in galway city, Ireland. his work has been influenced strongly with horror films, the occult and the darker side of human nature.  ruairi o'baoighill works mainly to found sound and field recordings which he uses to create dark pieces by means of digital manipulation. The faceless one is the third album and first one to be released on tape by a record label.  before were only digital releases, -87, Walpurgis and a e.p. killing ground.  quite a lot of work for a guy only starting in 2010.  The faceless one has an epic start, music full of mystery and bleakness ,  high to low soundscapes, whispering, crashing, ghostly voices will rip into your sole . the sounds are mixed in a most cosmic way, flowing through the mind, the is a great astral travel vibe to it.  the second track is a powerful piece, the sounds of icy cold winds blowing their might, along with gongs sounding to alert you to the danger you are now facing. the hole sound is creepy and evil, the sounds have a smooth flow about them, you feel your sole is dragged in to despair. pure and haunting with a cosmic edge to it.Third track gives us more high energy to start with, many layers of sounds. the vocals could be a ancient prayer or the trapped spirit of some one in the other worlds. as the sounds move on a more panic sound comes over, the demon wishes to get out! Track four has a royal feeling to it, masterful music with lovely gongs alerting you to the coming of a master. this track is a mix of haunting and space travel sounds and the two  go together perfectly .  This is great ambient soundscapes. the sounds have been crafted to a high standard. piece five  takes us deeper and darker than before.  a real horror theme is upon us, I can feel great evil building up, it knows everything & lays in wait for us. Track six is called ritual and this is a perfect name for it, if you like your vocal sounds wired and displaced then you will find this track magick. slow and moaning vocals to a soft hissing background , as time moves on the vocals have become a ritual chant, old and sinister. all styles of music is a personal thing but I feel ritual/ambient fans will find this tape has many great pieces for many different people. Quite complex music over all, many layered and full of mystery, made just the way this type of music should. a living breathing entity that will be a big part of the future ritual ambient  universe . I also had a listen to some of the tracks from the first two albums and was amazed at the genius that was flowing out of them. I beautiful mix of ritual, drone and cosmic sounds have been around from the very start, a strong witchcraft sound  was also awesome to hear.  multi layered soundscapes at their best!

Title Tracks







"Stellar Frost"  cdr 2008  

Permafrost was founded in 2008 as a side project of ouroboros and from the start explores different territories. glacial drone dark ambient music. the icy depths of the cosmos, black, empty and distant evoke a sence of loss and loneliness, a space devoid of any sign of known life, an infinite dimension where the deep inner reflections can lead to pure anguish. an icy wind, touching, or hissing noise through without stopping places that do not bear any resemblance and only show us pure and absolute nothingness , echoes unanswered questions that beset the human race has always been; where do we come from, where are we going, what is are  purpose? First track is a deep space voyage, dark, cosmic and mystical. the music flows in a beautiful way, this is a awesome start to are cosmic ride looking to find out, is the a god? are we to find other intelligent beings? or only a bleak filed full of stars and planets?  amazing long piece just like real space sounds should be made.  second track is most beautifully arranged, smooth flowing with soft angelic cosmic waves. we are moving through the darkness  looking for any existing beings.  thee next piece hits you with melting ice dripping , the wind howls , is it voices moaning or a haunting sound made by the wind? in all this the sound is cold, dark and menacing. permafrost has absence of melodies , instrumental parts, except for some synth chimes. track four is a much darker piece, very hypnotic droning sounds. a true cosmic ritual from unknown space. when the hope is lost nothing seems different . midway in and more dark ambient, deeper than those before, royal masterful sounds with the breath noise of beings unknown. a godly lession in dark arts and wonders. Track seven and every man at the end of his life is alone with himself, this is sombre icy chilled sound scapes. track eight , haunting scratching wind howling , music to freeze the mind to.super sharp long circling  sounds, this enchanting beat is stunning, over twelve min's long. track ten seems to be a experimental piece. a real mixture of layers giving a other worldly feeling.  we are chasing ghosts in the cosmos. the final piece has many sounds for a chaotic filled finish . Quite a sifi vibe and could be a star ship burning up at the end of its long trip, that was my thoughts, the card reads; a moon disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer.  So like all great music this will be many things to many people, the goal of the trip is yours!Permafrost has many field recordings made of wind, snow, ice and rain that will enrich the sound texture as well as sounds taken from deep Space contrasted the microcosm (the earth) with the macrocosm (space) a profound duality that sometimes blends in a unique and terrifying scenario with out hope for the listener.

Title Tracks

1.stellar frost

2.shadows in the cold wind


4.symmetry of the wastelands

5.treasures in the snow

6.cold visions 3, ethereal dust

7.sadness and solitude


9.the  alien thoroid

10.moonshine (bonus track)

11.winter syndrome (bonus track)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


"I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You" Cd 2013
By Edgar Kerval
Anthony Donovan is a creative artist focusing into concrete music and experimental soundcapes. Its debut through Alrealon music is really great, "I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You" offers a  long and creative voyage trascending the limits of mind,though electro-acoustic and deep experiements with sound improvisations and complex patterns which are exalted in a very appropiated way,giving you the sensation to be connected with another pararell reality.the industrial elements mixed with the execution of diverse vocals and different soundscapes creates a proper picture in which you shall be submerged from start to finish. The album in general is incredible good 45:00 minutes of pure concrete experimental surrealism.the album has the participation of several individuals and was recorded in England,America,Canada ,Germany,Turkey during 2007-2011. 

track list :

1. I cannot tell you where i am until i love you

"Of Silence" Limited Edition cd 2014
By Edgar kerval
This is one of such album,we always want to carve more and more due the nature in which he was created and its conceptual transmission,focusing  in the role of silence in defragmentative experimental musik. Each one of the artist adapting its creative side to this album. ) tracks in which you can discover different sources of sounds,trasformative explorations and improvisations which makes of this release something unique. The most interesting piece here is how each determinate sound created generates a layer of diverse others,from drone sounds to deep analogue experimentations. at some tracks you can hear some minutes of silence which within minutes are mutating into suggestive pieces of dynamic movements which crawls withing the self expressive structures developed with such aesthetic nature. Without a doubt this is one of those albums worth to purchase,due its creativity and originality.

Title Tracks:
1.From silence (Pas Musique)
2.For Silence ( Pas Musique ,Ben link collins)
3.Beyond silence (Pas Musique,Ben Link collins,Shaun Sandor)
4.With silence (Ben link collins)
5.without Silence (Ben link collins,Shaun Sandor)
6.Within Silence (Ben link collins,Shaun Sandor,Pas Musique)
8.Over Silence (Shaun Sandor,Pas Musique,Ben Link collins)

"Chants Of The Cold And Dying Sun" Digi Cd 2004
By James Early
The next chapter leading to the end of all things, bleak and sorrow filled sound track bringing the glory of death with little hope for rebirth.  new risen throne have a super way of structurally organizing their tracks from start to finish . journey through wasted regions of the inner self. total darkness bringing the feeling that the sun will never rise again. track one has a spooky feel with dis placed vocals and a astral travel vibe, nothing good and nothing bad,  then slowing down to pure beauty in sound. the next part has the most amazing sounds, a poor moaning voice, it sounds like a man who has had a life time of suffering.
The vocals drone over a cosmic soundscape , icy cold music that will make you think you are trapped in a wormhole . magical masterful subdued & submerged vocals.   the third gives more nauseous vocals burrowing   deeply into the sole. you get a feeling that chaos has entered the void. haunting and cold sounds take hold over the grim vocals, a exhilarating experience. Midway through the cd and being frozen and feeling despair , the is no vocals just pure cold sweeping soundscapes, I would love to play this track aloud while being by my self in the middle of a cool barren land scape. as with much of new risen thrones music you need to play two or three times to fully pick up all the layers stielh puts into his records. track five is coldness and dead  whining sounds that flow over your mind. once again with no vocals, a track that pushes you more towards a lifeless world.
Sixth track comes smashing back with wicked vocals and a deeper more forceful sound. this track is far more hypnotic then the ones before it. something of a life force seems to manifest through as if to eat away at the soul , it is almost like the vocals of a man are being eaten away by a dragon from the abyss. I think this is the second best track on the cd. new risen throne at is best!  the final offering is a well fitting close on this episode of new risen throne. pure ice winds are flowing over rocks once warmed by the suns rays. now only a frozen world is hear, darkness taking the light from the sky, faint sounds are heard in the background , sounding like the last few humans fighting over scraps of food. madness and in a most enchanting way, visions of a frozen planet now devoid from light is now much closer.
To me this cd is one of new risen thrones greatest works, every time   I play it I have more different feelings around a cold grim back drop. I read new risen throne once said "cold & desolate soundscapes that will leave you feeling utterly scared & alone"   yes it is!

Title Tracks
1.cold dying sun

2.prophet 2

3.rex verminorum

4.oblivion white shroud



7.approaching the shadows.  

Thursday, 8 May 2014

(Reviews 185) Swarth,aural Holograms,Valefor

"Þy Tayl is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge" Cassette 2012
Review by James Early

This most new and exiting band has chosen to remain in the shadows, no personal identities exist but the bands name is hot hell in the underground music scene.  This is the 2nd of their 3 releases on tape.orthodox black metal guitar and deep powerful growling vocals blend to a awesome record well in the spirit of filth , pestilence and evil.   the music has a strong feeling of medieval plague and the glory of death and despair .This demo is limited to 100 copy's , done in the most amazing packaging of paint dashed, ritually consecrated slipcase with human blood, graveyard soil and charred bone shards with hand numbered psalter.All three of swarth's demo tapes have sold out pretty quick but if you keep your eyes open they should be for sale in small underground distro's for fair prices. You can only think that these original three demo tapes will be high priced collector pieces in a few years! Demo is 4 untitled tracks , playing time about 19 min's. One very interesting thing my ritualistic ears picked up on was the sombre start of track one.  kind of made me think I was in a church in the 1800's and some dark mass was being preformed , it is a very short intro but is filled with energy and brings to mind the worship of death.  Many black metal bands do this sort of thing these days, trying to show roots to the past glory days of mayhem/burzum, few bands pull it off well, swarth give it spirit and energy.I hope swarth develop this ritualistic sound and become one of the great black metal artists who can pull off different sounds to their releases.  this would sure raze the bar in the sinister world of underground music.As I follower of black metal over many years , I am sure swarth has the tools to be come the next big band, till that time we must all  sit and guess who these mystery men or women are,  all I can think of after hearing their music is that this is not the first gig for these death worshipers, we may already know the names of swarth? 

Title Tracks

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled

vol, 1 Cd digipack 2007

Review by James Early

Aural hypnox is a small label from oulu, from the north of finland. almost all collectives published by a label from oulu.Aural Holograms project by anti haapapuro, owner of a label and Jussi saivo.Jussi saivo has a studio in the wood, near pori town.  This is a ritual sound which enables one to gain insights to the heart, spirits and elementals may remain in darkness, but not that we would not feel them! aural holograms came to "real" life in 2006. a haapapuro and saivo are regularly assisted by specialists from different fields of study & research. the line up in live situations usually includes two or four persons and by utilising primitive practices & sound sources crafted according to the methods that were handed down generations ago. This album has a very smooth sound to it, nothing hateful or grim, a pure mystic atmosphere that will bring to mind, dark , deep, ritual chambers or morning mist flowing from a ancient lake at dawn. the sounds may also make your life force feel like it is flying through the cosmos on a tour of the unknown.  track three is for me the master piece!  the hole feel is slightly faster than the two offerings before it. The feel of astral travel is at a much higher pace, sounds take on a moaning sound as if they are real live beings. A gong noise sounds and the vibe pushes on in a darker tunnel on the way to thee black abyss.  no human vocals are used on this album but the music may say many words of its own, this is very rear for a project on their first cd and should say much about the class of the music. towards the end of the cd the sounds take on a droid scanning sound, then you are stuck thinking where you are, how far have you gone, did you find life or did life find you?  Only great power knows for sure!   you are left feeling these guys have spent much time crafting the skills of ritual music and I only hope we have a new offering in are distro's very soon! 

Title Tracks
1.Before The Great Stone
2.The Day Of Opening The Tomb
3.Beyond The Black Deep 

"Invocation of Forneus" cd 1998

Review by James Early

The are two or three bands called valefor, this is a ritualistic, dark ambient, death industrial, noise project by Michael w ford. The band was one of the first non-Scandinavian acts to be released via Sweden's cold meat industry.This album has the awesome vocals of shanna le jeune who has done much work with mr fords bands in years past. Shanna also released her own cd under the name "nythra" called "my anodyne".So a little info about Michael ford for those who don't know, Michael has been practicing luciferian/Satanist for over 17 years. he is the author of 13 books , the most well known are, luciferian witchcraft, liber hvhi, akhkharu-vampire magick and book of the witch moon. Michael has his own left hand parth shop called "luciferian apotheca" and Michael is a magus and high priest of "the order of phosphorus" & " black order of the dragon". Michael's most known music band is "black funeral" but the are othergreat ones such as "ordo tyrannis" "psychonaut 75" who have just done a split cd with the great "emme ya". All great ritual music has the vibes of the masters in it and "Austin Osman spare & a,crowley are very much a part of this magickal trip. track one is thumping evil vocals with a strong ritual sound, very full on and gives a awesome dreaded felling. the hole cd has been mixed to a very high standard, all sounds blend together to bring the cd to life!then we have track two and I find this outstanding! enchanting vocals with a wicked beat, you can feel  magick flow from it! then we move to a harder sound, you think you are being sucked through a vortex to the depths of hell! (nice!)As we get to mid cd we slow down to enjoy some moaning vocals but with a lighter feel to it. toward the end of this great work I feel bleakness and get many atmospheric thoughts. the demons have awoken and travel freely through the mind. mr ford often talks about a "sigil of sound" and this is one of the early works! 

Tracks list

2.Progression Of Aiwass
3.Invokation Ov Forneus
6.Caverns Of The Mind
7.Order Ov Domination
8.Pyramid Ov Sleep

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Seesar (U.K)
"Flight Of Raphtontis" FLAC, MP3, AAC  2014
Sombre Soniks reveals one more time,an impressive and creative,this time the debut album of Ethnomusikologis Will Connor debut album "flight Of Raphtontis" in which he show us just a part of its incredible skills handing percussive elements. remembering to me to the kult Z'ev and even Hati. The album includes 10 percussive transformations which involves the use of diverse elements which enrich the general concept of the musik, creating a vast sphere of eclectic sounds and eriee atmospheres veiled with the enigmatic touch Dr Connorhas been developing through each one of the tracks included here.The highlight of the album,is how Dr Connor is able to structure all different percussive sounds into a sole concrete enigmatic shadow,moving though diverse angles creating one of the best experimental ambient releases due the nature how how the tracks are built,and more knowing he create mostly of percussive elements used in this release. Connor explain that the whole album  works as a katalizer to the influx of lovecraftian energies latent in its enigmatic and obscure futuristic emanations. a higly recommended album ,if looking for something creative,intense and deep!! I am looking to hear more from him in future.

Track List:

1.Call To The Festival 01
2.Child Of Yig
3.The Grease Of Tsathoggua
4.What The Moon Brings
5.Call To The Festival 02
6.Elder Things Below Kharkhov Station
7.Flight Of Raphtontis
8.Jewel Of Dylath-Leen
9.Worshipping R'taq
10.Nyarlathotep In Ten Secs

"Khora" double 3 cdr 2013
Niko Skorpio is a Finnish artist focused to deconstruct diverse experimental/electronic layers unto an abstract reality which has been present in all his releases,and now with "Khora",we can be hypnotized  by the way as he seems to capture the essence of a parallel universe ,gathering diverse elements,voices,effects,percussive beats, electronic explorations,creating a deep voyage to a subsconcious paradise ruled by self fascination and visuals only able to those exploring the experimental nature of how the whole 7 tracks here are built. At moments this work reminds me to Era of Coil,due the way as each composition is transformed,giving birth to another level of existence,mutating all the time and never ending passive. In its own structure the album is just perfect containing a high dose of elments which will keep your senses wanting for more and more all the time.The spoken voices (male & Female) and percussive beats used here gives a very attractive touch to the whole album in general due  the way  of how are performed. also an important element to mention here is the fact,this release is a hand crafted,which works perfectly into the conceptual work of the series of DR/FT a sub label of Some Place Else. the album comes in double 3" cdr in hand made printed cover with 12 pages booklet signed and hand numered!

track list

A1 Sunya
A2 No_carrier / Kathmandu Copper Wire
A3 Ash-shuhub
A4 Pwdr Sêr
B1 Hapti.ISS
B2 Sentient Debris

"Grote Mandrenke" Cd 2012
This Cult German master TROUM in the head of the creative souls of Glit(s)cH and Baraka(H),comes with a very intense and floating release focusing diverse elements through a multi-layered atmospheres veiled with an enigmatic aura surrounding the whole composition.This one through almost 44 minutes of floating melancholic drone soundscapes, and spectral vaporous atmospheres which gives a powerful and suggestive touch to the album,which show us all the potential of this German duo,when deconstructing all its creative side into a sole concrete force.The percussive elements handled here,after the 30:00 minute are just amazing,an incredible voyage to the nature in which chaos inhabits in its most raw and primitive way. intensity is just a way to describe the whole transition caused by the percussive elements and atmospheres gathered here.some voices as chants are included on this album too,giving a diverse touch to the general concept of the whole track. This album comes in a custom made book bound gatefold sleeve and full color insert. Highly recomended,due the nature of how TROUM emerges in each release.

track list

1.Grote Mandrenke

Monday, 6 January 2014


"The Wood Beyond The World" Digipack 2013
This is my first experience on this project released by Cyclic THE FLOATING WORLD is Amanda Vottasince the beginning back in 2005 and now  has joined forces with Neddal Ayad and Grey Malkin,which has been included and participated on other projects as well.The truth is that the project surprised me too much,due the eclectic nature and the way as they experiment with instruments a a guitars,flutes and atmopsheres giving a really interesting to the whole album in general.This release comes in a beautiful four panel digipack,and including a total of 8 compositions of instrumental/ambient/experimental music and some drone elements which you will experience when hearign carefully. Tracks such as "Amidst The Wild Wood","An Omen Of Song Comes With The Wind" or even "Where You Wait" are just beautifull sounds with a closed connection with gaia and natura ,offReing such nostalgic remembrances of a distant past,due how sutil melodies embrace your soul. on "Where You Wait" you can expereince also a dark vaporous atmosphere and some distant percussive sounds which gives another charisma to the track in general. A tracks as " Stars And Gleaming Leaves" with an incredible exposition of guitar tunes and drone 
elements which perfectly fits into the musical arrangement of the album,giving to it personality through the whole track. a very interesting album by this new project for me and be prepare to to travel to the wood beyond the world!!!!

Title Tracks:
1.In A Land Of Silver Rain
2.Amidst The Wild Wood
3.An Omen Of Song Comes With The Wind
4.Where You Wait
5.Beneath The Desert Solitude Of The Sky
6.To Lay Flowers At His Feet
7.Stars And Gleaming Leaves
8.As Ghosts Are Said To Do

"Farthest North" CD/DVD 2013
Ihor Dawidiuk is the mastermind behind the Canadian ambient solo project PARHELION and Zac Keiller is an Austalian musician well known inside the Aussie territory,so Cyclic law has joined them to work on this great album in which both of them express just a pert of the whole potential of their creativity through "Farthest North" ,an album which consist of 7 cold errie ambient structures colapsing and generating vast desolated scenarios which can be explored by listener when hearing this. the track "Furthest North" is really impressive,full of haunting eerie ambient soundscapes and subliminal whispers evoking desolation and despair."In The Midst Of Eternal Ice" is penetrating due its drone and  obssessive pulsations from time to time. "Perfect Desolation" is nother piece full of such cold eerie drone spectrums mutating all the time,generatings layers and layers of icy phantasmagoric atmospheres. The whole album is really good,due the nature of how the album evolves through each time and how the mood of the album is transporting you to the most desolated landscapes of northern hemisphere. "Sunless Sea",another interesting piece worth to mention here.collapsing cold drone soundscapes giving birth to a new paradigm,one full of eerie icy universes oly inhabited by subteranean cold sun bathed through eerie spectrums and desolation.this track is the best here,reminds me to Raison'D Etre,with such lethal percusive metal elements,gathered by an amalgame of diverse ghastly atmospheres. without a doubt one of the best coolaboration albums this year.This album includes a bonus dvd with a special collage of all the tracks,through desolated nordic icy landscapes,which combined with the audio,is an impressive experience to check. limited to 500 copies only! get yours now!!!

Title Tracks:
1.Sunless Sea
2.Perfect Desolation
3.Smokey God
4.Abode of Light
5.Opal Sky
6.In the Midst of Eternal Ice
7.Farthest North

"Faint" Cd 2013
Through years,BSE has been working intensely through each release,which has become has one of the most interesting projects coming from Swedish territory. Drakh and K. Meizter founded the project in Uppsala, Sweden 2001.and after lots releases in exclusive recod labels such as Cold Meat Industry and Old Europa Cafe among others,they have signed Cyclic Law for the release of this 8th full lenght caled "Taint" ,a complex and dynamic album built through 11 compositions which remarks the memories of a distant past masked with its own demons and shadows to be in a way transformed in a hypotetical future. The album itself,is transforming through abstract ambient soundscapes in tracks such as "Bystanders","Respect" and "Yearning",which open the album with a penetrating and nostalgic exposition of diverse sounds and spoken voices which complements perfectly with the different atmospheres created here. The potential and dynamism of BSE ,can be explored through tracks such as "Blank" a piano based hymn,covered with such incredible dark ambient elemnts. Tracks such as "legacy" ,with this in deep ghastly atmospheres crwawling through the whole tracks,and narrative spoken voices,emerging to transport your soul to a deep lake of distant memories still to be awakened. one of the best compositions here. The whole album contains a well structured dynamism ,due how each one of the 11 tracks are conceived here.The transformative elements of dark ambient atmospheres full of diverse elements,which bring the listener to another reality ,due the nature of the tracks evokes such in deep feelings and sensations,encountering yuorself with your own shadows and ready to be devoured by the dust of time,in a melancholic remembrance beyond a sensory experience...  A higly recomended album to all those looking to hear excellent dark ambient music as these Swedish masters can create.

Title Tracks: