Saturday, 10 September 2011


"Beast Mutation Rituals" 2011 Digital Release
The shape of Osman Arabi,is known due the eclectic nature,and creativity focused on projects such as,Seeker,shamanic Death Trance,among others. This Time he emerges with an obscure paradigmatical exposition of hybrid mutations,with a very interesting release,floating and converging diverse elements from Drone,experimental,dark ambient and black ambience soundscapes,able to mutate through each listening. A sole piece of 25 minutes,of pure discordant misanthropic spectrum. Akind of descending to kaos and develop diverse,hybrid mutations with intense moments from start to finish.The atmopshere created itself is really impressive,especially the druming,and obscure pulsations keep your attention all the time,due the eclcetic nature,and how the music varies from time to time!The last minutes of the track are going oriented into a kind of Black metal stuff. A very interesting release worth to explore if you are looking for something intense,obscure,ritualistic and creative!! so just visit Kalpamantra!!!!

"Medicine" 2010
(No Zen Recs)
Coming from Portland,Oregon! Marc,sent us its album called "Medicine" and really was a bit surprise to discover,the emphasis and experimental touch ,the album reaches here. THe first two tracks "Face Covered In Shit" and "Fire On The Water" show us an in deep exploration into dark ambient spaces,built into minimalistic elements,with interesting and well done passages."For The Flies" is more a suggestive piece full of experimental and ambient elements,converging perfectly with some percussive tunes here!"happy Like Jazz",keeps the essence of experimental nature,but still dressed into osme dark ambient traces from here to there. "Mineral Water" is just an interesting purpose,covered with such low bass frequencies and subliminal elements worth to explore. "Muerte" and "war Of The Worlds" closes the album. There are some aspects Marc would improve in future,but the important aspect here is the potential generated though each one of the 7 tracks included on "medicine".

"Radiac" Cdr 2011
When looking for experimental projects focusing electronic and improvised music! BLOATER is the experiments of both artists Ken Bradburd and Steve Smith.The poject release this album called "Radiac" and really surprise us due contex producd here.The dissonant structuress and evolving passages on th whole album,is something which got my attention since the first track "Theme For Radiac".The idea is to create pulluting music full of eclcetic elements,for example the second track "Enjoy Your Purchases",with such suggestive elektronic mutations generating an neither-neither realm full of euphoria moments. or just going though a more dense expoition of sounds such as "Waste Mnagaemnet". "Flatlands" and "Jettison" complements the album.The high lights from "radiac" is the fact of the music complete improvised,suggestive,dark and minimalistic at moments! creating such spectral and eclectic album from start to finish!

"Two" Cd 2011
(Pas Recs)
After their first selftitled album,they come back with"Two" an album,which at first listened ,you shall experience a smell to Jazz in the percussive elments and methodology of each one the six tracks included here. "swift Time Dna",with such sticking rythmic patterns,well elaborated bass lines and sweet organ elements opens the album. Then comes "Flying Carpet Transport",this time ,with captivating atmopsheres and some percussive sounds arranged in a very creative way.The interesting is how transformative the music from "two" could be,from rythmic,to eerie,to experimental. Just hear "Kenny & Voodoo Ceremony",an amazing track,perhaps the best one,subliminal sounds and in deep voices and ritual percussive sounds collapsing themselves to create a really impressive ritual atmosphere here."Flower Cacophony" is an expressive jazz composition with interesting elements.Closing the release are " Fakin' The Rapture,Fakin' The Jazz" and " In The Three Dimensions". Worth to mention the different instruments such as Saxophone,synths,violin,drums,bass and diverse electronic in the creation of "Two".

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