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"Sukellan tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" Digipack 2014
Force Majeure the parent label from Nuit Et Brouillard from France ,send us one of the most psychotic structures in the fileds of noise power electronics. DECONDITION is a transgressive machine generating suggestive deconstructive sounds ,field recordings and processed elements to create weird and strong album through 13 bizarre structures colliding into rythmic patterns dressed with real industrial sounds and repetitive hypnotic sounds. samples,effects,tape voices are other elements which you can find here when exploring the parallel bizarre worlds created by DECONDITION. A finnish project which I am sure within time will be one of the most aclaimed projects worldwide due its nature dealing with the death and the ressurection of the ego from a unique and bizarre perspective. title "Sukellan tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" trnaslated in english means "I dive into unknown Depths" and i totally agree with title and how the tracks crawls through th whole album from start to finish. The album comes in a 6 panel digipack and strictly limited to 497 copies.

Title Tracks:

1.Hulluus Vuotaa Mieleni Seinämistä

2.Epätoivon Riivaamat Ajatukset

3.Dark Clouds Over My Innerlandscape

4.Matkaan Kohti Muistojeni Loppua

5.Särkynyt Kokonaisuus

6.None Of This Is Real

7.Self Illusions/Delusions

8.Diseased Within

9.Wheel Of Change/Passage Of Time

10.Oudot Tuntemukset Virtaavat Kehollani

11.River Of My Emotions Unfolding

12.Aistiharhojen Luoma Todellisuus (Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin)

13.Deep Sleep In My Dreams

"Nemini Parco" Cassette 2013
By James Early

A tape album limited edition of 100, handcrafted ,numbered box includes booklet. Evocations inspired by the ruler of the restless dead, which arcane sounds can turn the key to the marked upon the black tombstone.The time and work that has gone in to the packaging is amazing and makes this a standout piece for any collector. this stands out before its first play. As soon as the music starts you know this is a real occult working and not just fancy packing done to sell cheap sounds. Track one takes you deep and dark into a ritual chamber. soft bells ring with a low rumbling  sound. This sound could be a voice or the ritual playing tricks with your mind. the sounds are some of the most pure  ritual/occult that you have ever heard and has its own life and energy. This tape is a full album playing both sides and the music is of a  real high standard. This is not a ruff demo tape you get first with many bands.Thee second track has a far softer and more magickal feel about it. you see smoke flowing around the circle,energy rising. The way the musical  sounds blend together is masterful. The music then moves to a more grim and black movement , faint hymns or disembodied voices creep  through many layers  of sounds, this piece is a beautiful occult realm. The b side has more tracks than the a side but a little shorter. Side b's first track is best called haunting, many different noises fly out at you. The first time i played it i picked out foot steps ,wind howling ,chimes ringing and a large gong or bell banging out (maybe for the dead) the next piece has a more dim and ancient funeral rite feel about it. Mystery sounds or disembodied voices flow through the room. death and the underworld has to be the thinking behind this track. Moving on to the next track and pure ritual sounds come forth, sounds like a rattle snake come jumping out from a sad filled background music. The is slow ancient chanting that takes the music into a steady flow. our dark mass is brought to a close with the same high standard as we started with. crisp sounds all mixing together to bring out a great funeral feeling.The album ends with sad and old style chanting (rest in peace) all the tracks on this tape have been crafted together and show a true understanding of ritual/occult music.

Title Tracks:

1.death tantra 

2.king of bones

3.source of the black poison

4.mors venit velociter

5.quae meminem veretur

6.throne of death

7.into the nothingness of sunya

8.the mourning process.

DRUHA SMRT (Czech Republic)
"Recurrence" Ep 2014

I am more than proud to present here the new material released from one of the best projects coming from Sombre Soniks. Jindrich Spilka the mastermind behind DRUHA SMRT emerges with an impressive Ep in which is the second chapter in a series of three ones focusing in the "immanetizing thee Eschaton".and the result is impressive. including three tracks with a duration of time of 11 minutes each for a total running of 33 minutes, in which you can submerged in the  most deep ritual dark ambient developed under the enigmatic mysticsism which surrounds the whole material from DRUHA SMRT. the album starts with "Egocideal Transcurrence",a sublimanl exploration of diverse dismal soundscapes bathed by an incredible exposition of elelemnts which enrich the whole track,due the vaporus ellemnts gathered here. "Home (O) Path Bardo" the astral gates are explored through another excelent track. This time some guitar effect sounds are gathered togehter drone sounds ,atmospheres and whispers to create a deep trance state where the listener can expore the most hidden elements of his/her Psyche. Closing the ep is "Dødroneal Ekstasis" keeps its own esence based on deep drones and a dismal atmosphere which transport you to such desolated places at parallel worlds,one of the best tracks here full of power and deep sounds from start to finish! Definitey I reccomend you "Trascurrence", is more than just music! is the trascendense of self,the preparation to the next step,the one of Eschaton.

Title tracks:

1.Egocideal Transcurrence 

2.Home (O) Path Bardo 

3.Dødroneal Ekstasis

"Permutations I" Album 2014
Again Sombre soniks comes with an incredible release as mostly of the stuff released until now.This time a cooperation between two excellent projects such as the finnish FECAL FETAL and wellknown Brittish project HOYLAND,both of them joined forces this time for the production of "Permutations I" which tracends the limits of reality through sounds and poetry higly inspired by Brion Gysin and his permutation poems. The result is brillanty and very professional arranged. HOYLAND has included such incredible ethereal ghastly synths creating dark pasages full of melancholy and nostalgic memories ,which reminds me to Norwegian project Burzum in some of the dark ambient execution, and FECAL FETAL with the always bizarre manifestations and psychotic voices through the whole structure of the album. "Permutations" consist of 4 compositions which you will find so penetrating due the way as each one of them has been created. sorrowful and abandonemnet is a sensation that not so much projects can awake in listeners, and both projects have created this strongly through each one of the 4 compositions performed here. The highlights on the album is without a doubt the way as neoclassical ethereal music and experimental layers are joined togehter creating one of the best releases coming from Sombre Soniks. I just hope to have the pleasure again to be delighted with the greatness of "permutations" in future so a second one,which surely will be as marvelous and deep as this one!!

Title Tracks :
1.Legend of the Ice Torturer 

2.The Tunnel of a Thousand Voices 

3.Winter Death 

4.Joyous Festival for the World's End

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